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The Kitfox base is made for VRChat and designed to be as easy to customise as possible featuring 101+ Customisation blend shapes, multiple tail, ear and fluff options, MMD, PC, Quest and Fallback Versions, Full Unified Expressions Face and Eye Tracking as well as VRC Fury drag and drop integration for all included assets! The KitFox is the "do it all" avatar for any platform being both highly customisable and beginner-friendly!

Drag and Drop with VRC-Fury Integration!

Customising your avatar is now easier than ever with built-in VRC Fury integration! All included assets and many 3rd party assets have been configured to set themselves up! No more making toggles or messing with parameters just drag and drop the prefab into your Avatar hierarchy.

This makes adding clothing, switching out tails & ears or adding the included fluff options as easy as Drag, Drop and Build! VRC Fury also has been configured to automatically optimise ur avatar! Removing unused blend shapes, animations and fixing lighting anchor issues! This means you get more frames with no drop in quality and no extra effort!

PC, Quest and Fallback Support!

Built with PC, Quest and Quest Fallback Versions the Kitfox package is great for any platform and will ensure you and all your friends can see you exactly as you designed!

Customisation Options

The KitFox base comes with over 101 CustomisationShape-keys spread between the body, tail and ear options allowing you to replicate a wide range of species falling under canines, felines, vulpine etc. This base should accommodate most species and body shapes with plans to expand as more are requested.

The facial blend shapes include presets for species such as:

  • Wolf/Canine
  • Fennec fox
  • Cat/Feline

With more possible through combining the facial variation sliders found in the blend shape menu.

Interchangeable Tails/Ears
The model comes with:

  • Fox Tail
  • Dog Tail
  • Deer Nub Tail
  • Cat Tail
  • Fennec Ears
  • Puppy Ears
  • 2 Fox Ears
  • Small ears for feline, wild dogs or bats

If you want to stay up to date on giveaways or access some free assets check me out on Twitter and join the community Discord!


Eye Textures
the Kit-Fox is compatible with most community-created eye textures made for the Rex model!
Creator Benefits!!!
Are you a content creator, 3d artist, or texture artist?! if your asset made for the KitFox manages to sell over 100 Copies you will get a free licence key to give to a friend! just DM me on Discord with a link to your Gumroad page with publicly visible sales!

You may:

  • Use my models in VRChat or any other games
  • Use these avatars for Streaming/ Recording
  • Edit this model in any way you like for your personal use
  • Sell texture/edit commissions on the avatar. Both you and the client must own the avatar.
  • Publicly upload this avatar to vrchat
  • Include as many satanic symbols as you like!!!

You Can't

  • Resell or redistribute the avatar or any of the download contents, either directly or as part of another package unless otherwise stated
  • Remove the avatar credit
  • Break the terms of the licencing agreement

Base Re-sculptors/Editors!

You are free to sell base edits for no added royalty on the condition they are sold on Gumroad and the files are distributed exclusively through the verification system in the MiloFox_ Assets Discord Server!!! Please DM me on Discord or Telegram about how your base edits may listed in compliance with this system!
[This does not apply to, textures, clothing or any other asset that does not include the avatar base files, which can be distributed by any means you wish, additional tos may apply]

Distributing Base edits in any other manner is against TOS and will result in legal action.

The full licence agreement can be found here Licence Agreement
By acquiring these avatar files you agree that you have read and understand the License agreement.

Avatar Testing World

Music Licenced through
Eye Texture By Albiet

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Last updated Jun 10, 2023

Kit Fox Avatar, FBX's, Substance Painter Files and Blender Files included

4 Tails
5 Ears
Face / Eye Tracking
Avatar Dynamics / Interactions
Medium Rank
21 Expressions
Included Clothing
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KitFox | VRChat Avatar

187 ratings
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